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Mental Health

We are not having a meaningful discussion about how to treat mental illness. It is the proverbial elephant in the room. Mental illness and all it implies--loss of self, loss of control, loss of reality, loss of clarity—terrifies us.




The key to the American Dream is education. Generations of Americans have toiled in the schoolroom as preparation for their working lives. The skills learned in school--disciplilne, ambition, creative thinking, analysis, logic, hard work, respect, honor--have stood the test of time and built this country into the most powerful nation in the world. Until now...



Child Rearing



Do you find yourself yelling at the TV news, fussing about newspaper stories or internet commentary, raving about Tweets or Facebook posts?  Me too...and since I am tired of talking to myself, I thought I would start a place to share my frustrations for like minded people to add their comments and ideas.


Hind sight is often 20/20, but experience is also a good measure for evaluating issues and trends. Having attained some experience and hopefully some common sense, I propose to take a second look at the issues of the day and share my opinions and thoughts hopefully adding clarity and provoking clear thought that will lead to solutions.


There are plenty of issues to discuss, but my major interests are:

  • How do we rejigger mental health care to prevent future rampage killings?
  • What can we do to improve the educational system?
  • How do we raise smart, well-rounded children who can become solid citizens?

In addition to my own articles and musings, I will also share the resources and research about these topics on this site.  Please add your comments and suggestions in the Comments section or email me directly.  I look forward to your input.

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